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Pierre Bazile, Esq.

Cassar Law Firm PC
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Pierre Bazile, Esq.
Cassar Law Firm PC

Pierre Bazile is criminal defense attorney, serving the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. Feel free to contact Mr. Bazile for cases occurring in other counties of New York State. He is also retired police officer, who brings a wealth of hands-on law enforcement experience, insight, and training into the courtroom in defense of criminal matters ranging from traffic summonses to serious felonies.

Mr. Bazile is a graduate of the New York City Police Academy, St. Josep's College, and Touro Law School. Prior to his 2007 admission to the Bar, he served for fourteen years as a police officer with the New York City Police Department, serving in commands in Washington Heights, Harlem, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

During his fourteen years of service he effected or assisted in several hundred arrests ranging from traffic infractions to homicide. While with the department, he received training in areas including law, criminology, social science, community relations, firearms and marksmanship, criminal investigations, automotive crime investigation, accident investigations, evidence collection and video surveillance.

Things to consider when choosing an attorney:

When consulting and choosing an attorney, one should be wary of those who promise results, or those who begin by telling you that they've "been in practice for 30 years." That fact that an attorney has been practicing for 30 years is virtually meaningless. That individual may have been practicing badly for all that time, he could have spent that time doing nothing but arranging shady back room deals, all the while convincing his clients to accept poor plea arrangements. Don?t be dazzled by fancy buzzwords, catch phrases, and "philosophies.? What one should be looking for is an attorney who has a demonstrated track record of obtaining the best possible dispositions for his clients. Mr. Bazile invites you to view his "Results" page, because results speak louder than words.

You should also be wary of those attorneys who charge you outrageously exorbitant fees, claiming their outrageously high fees will new you better service of better results. You may encounter an attorney or firm that wants to charge you three times, or more, what other firms typically charge, while telling you that they "care" more about your case, or that it's "people that matter." Expensive doesn't mean better, it just means more expensive. No criminal defendant should be forced to exhaust all their assets in order to secure effective representation. Me. Bazile endeavors to establish fees at a level that are reasonable and affordable, while archiving better results than the overpriced attorneys who decimate your assets, while spending more time on the golf course than in a courtroom in defense of your case.

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