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Richard Smith

Smith & Beckey Injury Lawyers - Greenville
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Richard Smith
Smith & Beckey Injury Lawyers - Greenville

In 30 years of practicing law, Richard Smith has always fought for the working man. He has never represented insurance companies or large corporations. His philosophy has always been the same: to fight for what is fair.

With a reputation for forethought and preparedness, Richard has been able to get many cases settled without having to litigate the case. But if the insurance company acts unfairly in a personal injury case, Richard is willing and able to take the case to the jury if necessary. The same is true of workers' compensation cases. While going to the hearing is never the first choice, it is often necessary to be compensated up to the full value of the case.

Richard Smith has been handling personal injury, vehicle collision, and workers' compensation cases in the upstate of SC for 30 years and in western NC for 25 years. He offers his clients the advantage of being familiar with the doctors and juries in the area. Each case is handled by Richard personally, not by a paralegal or adjuster.

From a working-class family, Richard Smith has always represented working people. His father was a police officer and coast guard officer; his mother worked at JCPenney. Richard knows what it is like to put in a hard day's work, as well as the value of money. Everything he has earned in life was through hard work, but it was also with the help of his family who always supported him.

Richard's faith is very important to him. He is committed to pursuing what God would want him to do. He believes that God has led him to help people who have been injured to receive the compensation they deserve.


The truth is in the details. Smith Injury Lawyers will never use deceptive and misleading advertising to try and attract new clients. Unfortunately, many lawyers flood the TV screens with misleading and tasteless ads on a daily basis. The truth is that the settlement amount depends greatly on the seriousness of the injury. Far from dancing or celebrating, people who settle their case for a million dollars or more have suffered life-altering injuries or lost a loved one. This is the case for many of the settlements being advertised.


Richard is from Spartanburg and went to high school at Dorman. He graduated from The University of South Carolina at Spartanburg in 1984 and graduated from the University of South Carolina Law School in 1987. He has always practiced in the Upstate and in Western North Carolina. He became licensed to practice law in North Carolina in 1992. After three years of doing general practice in Rock Hill, Richard moved to Spartanburg and joined Henson Law Firm. In 1994, he formed The Law Offices of Lee and Smith with Michael Lee. In 2013, he formed The Law Offices of Smith and Thomas. When David Thomas left the firm in 2017, the firm changed its name to Smith Injury Lawyers.

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