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Robert Bohm

Robert D. Bohm, PLLC
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Robert Bohm
Robert D. Bohm, PLLC
Federal Way,

Hello, I’m Robert D. Bohm, a lawyer who sues insurance companies when they do not live up to their promises and commercial property owners who fail to maintain their premises in a safe condition. I am known as the “go-to guy” in Washington and Arizona for people injured on the premises of others. Although I’ve received numerous awards and honors throughout my legal career, none of them measure up to the satisfaction that I obtain from achieving the best possible result for each client. That success also makes it possible for me to be selective about the cases I take. It allows me to focus my practice on one area, where I can know as much as possible about the issues that arise when you’re injured on somebody else’s property.


Growing up in a small city in northern Illinois and working on the family farms and at the local steel mill taught me the importance of hard work, cooperation, and family. Now I have my own children (three) and grandchildren (five), whom I love and take pride in their successful lives and interests. I am pleased to have the affirming partnership of Georgia (my wife of over 40 years), and the warm support of Ruby and Rags, (our Papillion and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).


I am active in my community, as both a member and volunteer at the Museum of Glass (MOG) and the Point Defiance Zoo. At MOG I sponsor “Bart the Beaver” – part of the children’s art projects, where a child’s design is conceptualized by the Museum’s Hot Shop Team. Stop by and visit Bart when you visit MOG. Before moving to Washington I was a member of the President’s Circle and a volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo, and was involved with the Arizona Theater Company and the Phoenix Art Museum. And in my spare time, I enjoy cooking and golfing.


I am a Past-President of the Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association, a Past-President of the Red Means Stop Coalition, and by appointmentof the Arizona Governor, I served as a member and Vice-Chair of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Spinal and Head Injuries. In 2012 I was selected a Distinguished Alumni by the Sterling Illinois Schools Foundation, an honor that has been extended to approximately 50 graduates of Sterling Township High School during their 120-year history.


In the legal community I have served as President of the Arizona Association for Justice. With the American Association for Justice, the national trial lawyer’s organization, I have served as a member of the President’s Committee on the Federal Judiciary, the Law Schools Committee, and the Insurance Bad Faith Litigation Group. 


I have been helping the seriously injured and surviving family members for more than 44 years. As a Washington and Arizona personal injury lawyer I am dedicated to representing people who have experienced a catastrophic injury or suffered as a result of the death of a family member. A Seattle-area accident attorney, I am proud to help my clients restore their future, the future that has been threatened as a result of another’s negligence or carelessness.


Robert D. Bohm, PLLC has successfully brought cases against major corporations, national insurance companies, and other wrongdoers. I have represented thousands of people who have been injured as the result of the negligence of a property owner, landlord, commercial building, apartment or condominium complex retail store or shopping center, resort or hotel, wheelchair transportation companies.


At my personal injury law firm located in the South Sound area, you will receive individual attention at every stage of your case. Because I take each case seriously, businesses, insurance companies and their lawyers take me seriously.


You will have no out-of-pocket cost to have Robert D. Bohm, PLLC represent you. I will assume the financial risk of winning, and you will only have to pay me when I win your case. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I am committed to representing you with the skill, dedication, passion, and resources necessary to achieve the results you deserve.


If you suffered loss or damage to your home, business property, or condominium I understand how draining it can be, both emotionally and financially. It is important that your insurance company keep the promise it made to you to treat you fairly. If they do not, I am here to sue them on your behalf and make sure that they treat you fairly, just like they promised.


I understand that the time after a serious injury or death is an extremely difficult time for you and your family. It is probably the worst tragedy you have confronted. Facing a permanent, life-changing disability or having a child, spouse, or parent die because of a fall can seem overwhelming. On top of physical pain and the challenges of rehabilitation and treatment, the financial strain of medical bills and the inability to work are likely to adversely affect you and your family.


Whatever caused the loss you suffered, whether to your property or your person, including serious injuries or wrongful death, as a Seattle-Tacoma personal injury lawyer I am ready to talk to you. Tell me your story. I can help you determine what is necessary to help right the wrong that was done you. When you do so, you also have a chance to prevent what happened to you and your family from happening to others. At the same time you will help your loved ones and your family.


Obtaining a just and fair result for clients is our firm’s goal. This recovery will help you restore your property to its original condition or allow you to obtain the specialized medical care and equipment services to meet all of the needs of the severely injured family member, or to help your family recover from the emotional and financial loss of a family member. Robert D. Bohm, PLLC can help you meet these objectives.


Knowledge – Skill – Experience – Dedication.


These are the core values that I bring to each case.

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