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Scott Gailen

Scott Gailen, Inc.
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Scott Gailen
Scott Gailen, Inc.

Mr. Gailen has been practicing law since 1980 and has been a very successful trial attorney since the first week he became an Attorney.

Initially Mr. Gailen represented clients mostly in criminal defense jury trials where he would litigate pretrial motions to suppress, pitchess motions, motions in limine and Preliminary Hearings. If the case went to trial he would then conduct the defense including extensive cross-examination of seasoned Police Officers, Detectives and expert witnesses in all types of specialties.

After a several years of defending clients against criminal charges, as well spending a good amount of his practice in defending and bringing causes of action to trial in civil litigation, personal injury, contracts and business type cases.

In about 1990 after Mr. Gailen had gained extensive experience in jury and court trials he branched out his practice and began representing clients in all types of family Law matters including divorce, child and spousal support, custody, evaluations and restraining orders. It was apparent from that point on that the experience Mr. Gailen had gained in cross-examining Police Officers, Detectives and expert witnesses resulted in his having a distinct and obvious advantage in the cross-examination of husbands and wives and he quickly became very successful and well known in this area of the law.

Over the last 30 years of practice Mr. Gailen has tried in excess of 150 trials including jury trials and court trials in both civil and criminal cases as well as court trials in Family Law matters over the last 20 years or so. In addition, Mr. Gailen has litigated what could conservatively be considered to have been several thousand court hearings including orders to show cause, motions, and other types of hearings in State Court (Municipal and Superior Courts), the California Court of Appeal, United States District Court (9th Circuit) and the California Court of Appeal for the 9th Circuit). Mr. Gailen has also been able to represent clients through the years in other states and Federal Court Circuits throughout the United States, from Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Illinois, Minnesota and Colorado.

In addition to Mr. Gailen's vast experience in most areas of litigation in practically every type of action or case that would bring a party into a courtroom, arbitration or mediation, he has also gained expertise in the out of court handling of his clients' cases such as the negotiation of resolutions with opposing counsel and the with the court to his clients' benefit. Mr. Gailen believes in preventive legal help such as counseling his clients regarding their rights and then preparing and reviewing contracts and agreements before they are signed to possibly avoid future litigation relating to the terms of these documents.

Mr. Gailen and his staff of Attorneys, paralegals and support staff, have proven to be skilled at every facet of a clients' legal needs with Mr. Gailen overseeing every aspect of his clients' cases.

Practice Areas
Family Law (Custody, Visitation, Child & Spousal Support, Restraining Orders); Criminal Defense (DUI's and all other types of misdemeanors and felonies); DMV hearings relating to DUI and license issues; Administrative hearings including LAUSD, ABC and LACBS; Civil Litigation (contract and business); Entertainment; Debt Collection; Personal Injury and drafting and interpretation of contracts, agreements and Wills.

Admitted: 1980, California, U.S. District Court, Central District of California and U.S. Court of Appeals (9th Circuit)
Law School: University of La Verne, J.D. (formerly San Fernando Valley College of Law)
Member: Los Angeles County Bar Association; State Bar of California.
Born: Los Angeles, California

Mr. Gailen and Scott Gailen, Inc. have been involved in several published cases which which other attorneys, courts and litigants may rely upon as precedent in their cases.

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