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Steven Davis

TorHoerman Law LLC - Edwardsville
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Steven Davis
TorHoerman Law LLC - Edwardsville

In his work at TorHoerman Law, Steven Davis fights for the rights of victims harmed by others.

At the heart of his practice is holding pharmaceutical, medical device, and chemical corporations accountable when they put consumer safety behind their own profit goals.

Legal Career

Steven represents people injured by the wrongful acts of others, whether that be pharmaceutical companies in their development and marketing of dangerous drugs and medical devices or a distracted driver causing a devastating accident due to his or her negligence.

He currently represents individuals suffering serious injuries caused by the use of prescription medications such as Xarelto, Invokana, Taxotere, Uloric, and talcum powder products, and also helps those affected by various personal injury accidents.

His prior experience includes representing clients injured after use of prescription painkillers, SSRIs, and faulty heart devices.

While in law school, Steven worked at the offices of the Saline County, Illinois State’s Attorney and at the offices of the Vanderburgh, Indiana County Prosecutor.

He received first-rate courtroom training as a legal representative for the counties but believed he could affect more change by pursuing justice for those harmed by companies that put profits ahead of consumer safety.

Steven gained incredible experience in pharmaceutical litigation throughout his career.

Since his move to TorHoerman Law in 2009, Steven has continued the fight for the rights of victims harmed by the negligence of another and profit-driven decisions made by pharmaceutical corporations.

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