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Susan Green

The Law Offices of Susan R. Green, PLC
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Susan Green
The Law Offices of Susan R. Green, PLC

It’s time for a different kind of attorney.

Susan R. Green, founder of Baltimore’s Hardball-Law, is a new breed of lawyer with an old-school sensibility. She is a personal attorney, the kind of attorney who feels like one of the family. For her, justice is not a business, it’s a commitment.

The truth is: there are no cookie-cutter answers when something goes wrong and causes injuries, permanent impairment or death. There is no formula for a personal injury case or a medical malpractice claim. Justice is a hard fight. But you are not alone. Susan R. Green is ready to fight for you, even if that means a knock-down, drag out brawl in the courtroom.

Uncompromising Representation for Injured People and Surviving Families

Serious accidents, whether on the road or at work, can change your entire life in a split second. Beyond the actual injury, people realize no one is on their side: insurance companies are working against them, other drivers and corporate interests are attempting to deflect blame, employers have turned their backs on them. Faced with such opposition, an injured person cannot rise up to defend themselves alone. 

Dundalk Accident Lawyer Susan R. Green has years of experience as a personal injury lawyer and litigator. But more importantly, she does not turn away from difficult cases or pass clients off to less experienced attorneys. Once she accepts a case, she is in it for the long haul, right beside you.

Determined Advocacy for People Harmed by Medical Malpractice

When a medical or surgical mistake is made, patients and families are often left in the dark about what happened and why. Doctors and nurses do not want to reveal their mistakes, and hospitals have teams of legal experts to protect their business. The law, which should protect victims, becomes a tool that these entities manipulate to their advantage. As a result, too many medical injury victims are told to settle for next to nothing because “that’s just the way it is”.

For Essex Injury Lawyer Susan R. Green, there is no such thing as “that’s just the way it is.” For medical injury claims, she will call in experts and will work against legal manipulation, or even the law itself. Thus, she has drafted and championed laws in Maryland, Virginia and the federal legislature for improved informed consent laws that assist both patients and doctors alike.

Hardball-Law: With You from Beginning to End, No Matter What

Susan R. Green understands what life can be like when a person feels powerless and alone due to circumstances out of his or her control. She has faced her own health challenges and knows how it feels to be treated unfairly by insurance companies, medical professionals, corporations and the justice system. She has overcome these challenges and has risen tougher and more determined to assist others as a result.

The barriers put in place by corporate interests, insurance companies and employers may seem like insurmountable obstacles to injury victims. But Susan R. Green has been clearing such hurdles her entire career—and in heels, at that. She offers fearless, uncompromising advocacy to victims who feel like the whole world has turned against them.

Reach out to Towson Work Injury Attorney Susan R. Green, founder of @hardballlaw. She can be the strength you need when you are at a crossroads in life, making sure you find the best path to emerge stronger on the other side.

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