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Thaddeus Furlong
Furlong Law Offices

Thaddeus Furlong is a FORMER POLICE OFFICER and very experienced criminal attorney who has helped hundreds of clients in over 20 years of jury and non-jury cases in Virginia and nationwide. He's defended many high-profile clients, including movie stars, celebrities, and others who appreciated his unique blend of aggressive courtroom defense and extensive police knowledge. Having spent many years in law enforcement, the military, and as a law professor, he can analyze a case quickly to determine evidentiary strengths and weaknesses. Attorney Furlong was a member of many law enforcement agencies, including the LAPD - Robbery / Homicide, LA County Sheriff, Fairfax County Police, military police, and the FBI Academy Quantico. He also teaches other lawyers how to handle criminal cases, forensic evidence, and trial procedures at lawyer seminars. He receives referrals from judges, police officers, government agencies, embassies, corporations, unions, and previous clients who want their friends to benefit from his extensive experience.

As a POLICE OFFICER graduating at the top of his class, Attorney Furlong was trained and certified in the proper use of radar, DUI field sobriety tests, use of force, BAC machine operation, drug analysis, search & seizure, crime scene investigation, and forensic laboratory analysis. He graduated early from Georgetown University Law School and immediately went into courtroom defense, where his aggressive representation was recognized.

FORMER CLIENTS include Congressional staff, politicians, CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities, lawyers, movie actors, clergy, doctors, nurses, teachers, military, White House personnel, Secret Service, DEA, CIA, police officers, federal agents, government contractors, business people, students, juveniles, and other who need top quality, confidential legal advice.

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