Member Directory
Member Directory

Membership Director Debbie Meyer was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in a military family. Ms. Meyer has lived in foreign countries and in her opinion, the United States is the greatest country by far. Her passions include gardening, healthy living and learning new things. She has much love for animals, especially those in need. Ms. Meyer’s household includes two dogs and one cat, all of which were rescued.

In 2017, Ms. Meyer became the Membership Director of Specialty Associations by The National Trial Lawyers. She has stated that it is a privilege to work with some of the best attorneys who are willing to help those in need of legal representation.

When asked about members of The National Trial Lawyers, Ms. Meyer revealed, “Our members are committed to their clients and work diligently to accomplish the best outcomes for them. The National Trial Lawyers has a responsibility to support and promote our attorneys and to enable clients to access attorneys that have been screened by our organization.”

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