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Isabelle is proud to call herself mom to two brilliant children- a cat-loving daughter and a kind-hearted son who serves in the Marine Corps. She has been married to her husband, an Army Veteran, for 13 years and counting. Originally from Oceanside, CA, and raised in a military family herself, Isabelle was taught early the value of being dedicated, flexible, driven, detail-oriented and self-reliant.

Working with the company for several years now, Isabelle is known by her coworkers as the one who can be found at her desk first in the morning, last at night and sometimes even on the weekends. She enjoys working for The National Trial Lawyers and is dedicated to contributing to the growth and prosperity of the company in any way she can. She is always available to lend a hand to any of her coworkers that need assistance and is happy to develop and lead new and exciting projects for the organization.

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