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$1.2M Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Central Oregon Hospital

A former pharmacist is suing central Oregon’s largest health care provider for $1.2 million, saying the hospital maintained a hostile work environment that included gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

Darcy Martin filed the lawsuit against St. Charles Health System on Thursday in Deschutes County Circuit Court, The Bulletin reported. Martin worked for St. Charles as a staff pharmacist from March 2015 until she was fired in December 2019.

She says the work environment included jokes of a sexual nature, routine sexual innuendo, the showing of videos of partially clothed or nude women and the "comparison of bananas to penises," the lawsuit states. Martin claims she was subjected to different attendance standards than her male co-workers and was treated worse because she's a woman. Martin claims that before she was fired, she "opposed, resisted and/or complained" about gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

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