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$13.1 Million Settlement Awarded to a Victim Injured on Crosswalk

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At noted San Francisco injury firm Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn, Attorneys Timothy G. TietjenCynthia McGuinn, and Robert Igleheart recently obtained $13.1 million in a settlement, on behalf of a client who suffered life-altering injuries after a pedestrian crosswalk accident. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of our 31-year-old client against the Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority (ECCTA), Contra Costa County, and a van driver.

The collision occurred at the intersection of Willow Pass Road and Bella Vista Avenue in Contra Costa County. On January 15th, 2016, the plaintiff was crossing the street in a marked, uncontrolled crosswalk. About 50 feet in front of the crosswalk was an ECCTA bus parked at a bus stop. In the industry, this bus stop is considered near-side and is a known hazard. Near-side bus stops obstruct the view of pedestrians and drivers increasing the likelihood of a crash. The visual obstruction occurred in this case and resulted in plaintiff being struck by a van travelling at 37 miles per hour, in a 25 mile per hour zone. The van driver does not recall seeing the plaintiff before the impact, but the van's data recorded showed a slight depression of the car brakes before impact.

Discovered unconscious at the scene, the plaintiff was rushed to the hospital with extensive skull fractures and brain bleeding, where she underwent multiple surgeries including a craniotomy. She also developed hydrocephalus several months later – a chronic condition that occurs when cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the brain. As a result of these serious injuries, the plaintiff became a quadriplegic and now requires 24/7 attendant care.

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