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Do You Own One of the 19 Deadliest Cars?

According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the riskiest cars are mostly lower-priced small cars.

More than 46 driver deaths per million registered vehicle years,
2011 and equivalent earlier models, 2009-12

  1. Kia Rio, 4-door car, mini
  2. Nissan Versa sedan, 4-door car, small
  3. Hyundai Accent, 4-door car, mini
  4. Chevrolet Aveo, 4-door car, mini
  5. Hyundai Accent, 2-door car, mini
  6. Chevrolet Camaro coupe, sports car, large
  7. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew 4WD, pickup, large
  8. Honda Civic, 2-door car, small
  9. Nissan Versa hatchback, 4-door car, small
  10. Ford Focus, 4-door car, small
  11. Nissan Cube, station wagon, small
  12. Chevrolet HHR, station wagon, small
  13. Chevrolet Suburban 1500 2WD, SUV, very large
  14. Chevrolet Aveo, station wagon, mini
  15. Mercury Grand Marquis, 4-door car, very large
  16. Jeep Patriot 2WD, SUV, small
  17. Mazda 6, 4-door car, midsize
  18. Dodge Nitro 2WD, SUV, midsize
  19. Honda Civic, 4-door car, small

Meanwhile, the safest models were all mid-sized or large vehicles. Continue reading Nine models with zero deaths.

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