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3 Steps to Increase Conversions and Profits

f you’re trying to fill a bucket with holes in it, which works better?

  1. Pour more water in the bucket, or
  2. Plug the holes in the bucket

The answer is obvious, yet most law firms do just the opposite.

Your “bucket” is your Intake and Conversion Process. You spend thousands of dollars every month to make the phone ring. When it does, what happens?

Most firms convert less than 20% of those callers into clients. That’s a shame.

But instead of looking at your process and plugging the holes, you spend more money trying to get more leads so some of them will make their way past the holes and become clients.

A better approach is to plug the holes in your intake and conversion process. Then you’ll convert more callers to clients without spending more money on advertising.

How to Beat Goliath

Intake and Conversion are where you can differentiate yourself from every other law firm, connect with your lead in a meaningful way, and give them a reason to hire you. This is a leverage point in your marketing that can act as a fulcrum allowing you to convert a higher percentage of callers with minimum effort and cost.

Every law firm advertises. You may not be the Goliath in your town, but you can outmaneuver your opponent with a better process. You know as well as I do that Goliath has holes in his bucket also.

You don’t need to convert every caller. You just need to convert 3% more than you are today. Do this and you’ll have more money than you’ll know what to do with flowing into your pocket every year.

3 Steps to Increase Conversions and Profits

To increase your conversion percentage without spending more money on advertising, there are three steps:

Step 1: Have a solid intake process. Record every call coming into your firm and listen to a dozen of them. You’ll learn a lot. Then implement proven intake processes (there are good companies offering training on this).

Step 2: Send every caller something different than the other firms she is calling. Everyone sends brochures, business cards, pens, CDs, and magnets. You should send something that sets you apart.

Mail every caller a signed copy of your book. Books have perceived value in the mind of your prospect. Everyone can create a brochure. All firms have a website. But only a few have their own book.

A book conveys credibility better than anything else. It allows you to speak to your lead personally, in the privacy of their home. They’re engaged with you in a vacuum since they are not looking at other information when they are reading your book.

When you connect with the issues they are experiencing and relate with them and their emotions, they’ll feel better about you, begin to trust you, and want to hire you.

You’ll stay around longer because they’ll refer to your book more often than anything else you send them. They’ll carry it with them, have it on their night stand, and share it with their family.

But it doesn’t stop there, you need to take the next step.

Step 3: Follow Up Purposefully: The beauty of a book is that when your intake specialist is gathering information, they should know what specific questions and concerns this caller has. And when you mail your book to them, jot a note for them to read chapter 3 specifically, as that chapter addresses the issue they are dealing with.

Now your team has a reason to follow up with your lead. They can call in a couple of days to make sure your book arrived and ask if they’ve read chapter 3. If not, call back in a couple more days. You aren’t pestering them, you are helping them. The information in your book is valuable and will help them find a solution to their problem.

Following up purposefully is basically having a reason to call other than to ask, “Do you have any questions?”

Where You Should Focus

To increase your conversions and increase your profits you need to focus not on spending more money to get more leads. You need to focus on your intake and conversion process, plug the holes, and differentiate yourself from every other firm in your market.

By doing this, and creating your own book that connects with your caller and establishes your credibility and authority, you’ll easily convert more callers into clients and increase your profits.

The business of law is not that difficult. You need to attract leads, convert them to clients, and settle their case.

To gain more clients you need to differentiate yourself from every other firm they are calling. You do this by perfecting your intake and conversion process and sending every caller a signed copy of your own book. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to increase conversions and increase profits.

This article was adapted from the soon to be released book Michael is writing with Harlan Schillinger.

Michael DeLon is an author, marketing coach, and President of Paperback Expert. He can help you create your own book, become The Recognized Legal Authority in your market, and use your book to convert more callers to clients and generate profits.

How to reach Michael:
 and (501) 539-0038.

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