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$36.6M Award to Driver Beaten Before Jail Video by County Deputies

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A federal jury in Detroit awarded $36.6 million to a drunk driver who was beaten, pepper sprayed, tasered and tied up by Genessee County, MI, deputies -- all caught on jailhouse surveillance cameras.

William Jennings, 42, of Flint Township, filed suit against Sheriff's officers deputies Patrick Fuller, David Kenamer, Mark Wing, Jason White and Lt. Robert Nuckolls for excessive force following a drunken-driving arrest in 2010. He was beaten, dragged to the floor, had his face smashed into a cement wall and was tied down with a bag over his face.

"Every officer that we asked said they would do exactly the same thing all over again," said Kevin Ernst, attorney for Jennings. "I asked them for $16 million. I think they thought the conduct was extremely outrageous and returned a verdict that exceeded what we asked for.”

Ernst told ABC12 that the jury was shocked by the video when it was shown in court. "They put a spit hood over his face then they strapped him in a restraint chair face down," Ernst said. Jennings was then left alone, injured for two hours.

Dean Elliott, another attorney who represented Jennings said, "I think that the jurors were sending a message to the sheriff that these kinds of actions cannot go on."

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