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6 Blogging Tips that Will Turn Your Readers into Clients

In today's video we're talking about blogging tips with Dan Jaffe, CEO of LawLytics Marketing Software.

You’ve written a blog post masterpiece. It’s the best 500 words any lawyer could write about. But hold on, don’t click publish yet! Run through these legal blogging tips to make sure your readers will turn into valuable clients.

  1. Write about what people care about.

  3. Have another attorney or have a lay person read it, depending on who your audience is.

  5. The title of the blog is important. The title is powerful in attracting human readers and search engines.

  7. Don’t use your name and practice repeatedly in the blog post. If for example you state “Townsville Maritime attorney” in your blog post repeatedly, it will alienate your readers.

  9. Don’t link to your home page in your blog post.

  11. Pictures will make your blog post interesting. But don’t go overboard and throw in a bunch of stock photographs. Use pictures judiciously.


To find out more: visit the blog and the LawLytics University. LawLytics provides coaching on writing a blog, picking a topic and optimizing your post. Call 800-713-0161 and ask for Gail Collins or email her at .

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