NY Jury awards $62M for Lost Legs in Botched Gynecological Procedure

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A Brooklyn mother who lost both legs and most of her hearing after a botched gynecological procedure at a Long Island hospital was awarded $62 million on January 10.

It was vindication for 34-year-old Stacey Galette, who had gone to Winthrop University Hospital for laparoscopic removal of an ectopic pregnancy — or a pregnancy outside the womb — and wound up an amputee.

The Brooklyn Supreme Court jury awarded Galette $20 million for past pain and suffering, $38 million for future pain and suffering, and another $4 million with interest for medical expenses. Galette charged doctors at the prestigious hospital in Mineola of puncturing her intestine during the normally routine procedure. That triggered an infection and led to blood poisoning and gangrene.

“This verdict demonstrates that our system of civil justice works for victims, particularly those who suffer horrible injuries through no fault of their own,” said Sanford Rubenstein, Galette’s lawyer.

Read more: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/jury-awards-62-million-brooklyn-mom-article-1.1575800#ixzz2qgEn5FhL

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