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Acquiring Cases with The Sentinel Group and US Legal's Partnership

Attorney and radio talk show host Mike Papantonio interviews Chase Givens, Managing Partner of US Legal and Adam Warren, CEO of The Sentinel Group, about how they help lawyers acquire mass tort cases. In a nutshell, the Sentinel group makes the phone ring and US Legal answers the phone and converts the caller into a signed client.

Papantonio is a senior partner of Levin Papantonio, founder of the Mass Torts Made Perfect conferences, and host of Ring of Fire radio.

The Sentinel Group(R) is a full service, direct response marketing and technology company in Temecula, CA, that offers lead generation campaigns on national TV, radio, print and mobile.

US Legal maximizes conversions utilizing its strength in data, technology and qualified personnel. Its call centers are 100% based in the US, and the people who answer the phone are knowledgeable in the subject matter the cases. It offers:

  • No upfront costs
  • 24/7/365 bilingual legal intake
  • Packet retention
  • Medical record collections
  • Full backend campaign support

"We are doing more than just answering the calls -- we turn the calls into cases," Givens said. US Legal conducs a first-level meeting to make certain that the caller is qualified, and then a second bank of “closers”  turn calls into cases. Specific case experience leads to stronger conversion rates. "We want to send our law firm partners quality cases," Givens says.

To learn more about Mass Tort Case Acquisition, contact the Sentinel Group at 800-899-4123 and or subscribe to The Sentinel Group YouTube channel.

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