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Aegis Living Agrees to Pay $16.25 Million to Settle a Staffing Lawsuit

Aegis Living says it has agreed to the $16.25 million settlement of a lawsuit alleging that staffing decisions were based on budgets rather than resident care needs so that it can focus on “what matters most —  our residents, their families and our team.”

A federal judge on Monday signed off on the settlement, which resolves claims that the Bellevue, WA-based company in Washington state and California made staffing decisions based on budgets rather than resident care needs. Aegis continues to deny any wrongdoing.

“The core of our mission and culture is to provide the highest level of care for our residents. From the beginning, we have fervently disputed the allegations in this case,” Aegis Living General Counsel Elizabeth Chambers told McKnight’s Senior Living on Tuesday. “After several years of aggressively litigating, we made the decision to stop fighting, collaborate with the plaintiff’s attorneys, and put an end to this case so we can continue focusing our full attention on what matters most —  our residents, their families and our team.”

Read the source article at McKnight's Senior Living

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