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Attracting New Trucking Leads with the Web, TV and a Book

ino Colombo is a successful personal injury attorney. Like you, he’s in a very competitive market and invests lots of money to capture the attention of prospects and make his phone ring.

He  has a great website. He advertises on TV. And he is constantly looking for new and better ways to engage his audience, generate new leads, and gain more clients.

His message is powerful, but his 15 and 30 second TV ads and YouTube videos – though effective and well produced - didn’t allow him to say very much. Dino wanted to find a way to say it differently.

Colombo, based in Morgantown, WV, has litigated complex personal injury and wrongful death cases for the past 26 years. Over those years, he has tried nearly 100 cases to verdict and has handled numerous appeals. His cases routinely involve permanent injury, such as brain injury or significant physical deformity.

A resource to his community

He markets by being a resource to his community and provide information for people searching for answers. He does this through the pages of his book.

Dino is now using his book, Never Settle for Less, in his TV advertising to attract more people to request a free copy of his book. Instead of saying the same things the other attorneys in his market are saying, Dino is saying a different message and offering a free resource in his book.

And when someone requests his book, Dino signs it to them and mails it to them. How many times have you received a signed copy of a book from the author? Do you think this makes an impact? Do you think they start to like Dino better? Do you think they will keep his book after they read it?

If you answered “yes” to all of those questions then you understand the power of being an author.

The book works to attract new leads. He uses it to engage with leads so they’ll come to know, like, and trust him more than his competitors. And he uses his book to retain clients for life. 

Dino can also use the book to gain referrals. By handing a few copies of his book to current clients whom he is helping, they will happily hand his book to their friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers when they are discussing their case. This is a tremendous way to get his message into the hands of more people and become the authority in his market.

Dino found a way to take his message and say if differently. And now, Dino has a tool in his marketing arsenal that he’ll be using for the rest of his career. He paid for it once and it will be paying him back for the rest of his career.

Note: Dino’s advertising costs did not increase one penny. He was already running and paying for the TV ads. All he did was change the message and offer his book for free.

To stand out in today’s ultra-competitive market, you need to be different. The easiest way to do that is to become the author of your own book. You’ll be seen as the authority and you’ll convert more clients using your own book.

Will you make your own way or follow in their footsteps?

Michael DeLon is an author, marketing coach, and President of Paperback Expert. He can help you create your own book, become the recognized legal authority in your market, and use your book to convert more callers to clients and generate profits.

He can be reached at  and (501) 539-0038.

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