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Boosting Business Development by Using Casetext to Publish Blogs is helping tens of thousands of attorneys generate new business -- for free -- by serving as a place to publish blog posts, which will be read by thousands of potential clients who are researching their legal problem.

Research has proven that the more often a lawyer writes a blog post, the more leads, clients and traffic they will get.

In today’s video, Casetext Founder Jake Heller of San Francisco describes the business development power of Casetext in an interview with Editor in Chief Larry Bodine.

300,000 people come to each month looking for answer to their legal question. They include potential clients, general counsel and lawyers with whom you can establish a referral relationship. Casetext provides a free blogging platform to reach this audience in the same way that Facebook allows you to update your friends and family.

Two advantages

A Lawyer can publish blog right on Casetext. You begin by signing up for free account. A lawyer can add a new post by clicking on pencil icon at top right of the screen – just as one would do on WordPress, Blogger or Tumbler.  However, writing on Casetext has two advantages:

  1. As you write blog posts you can link it to a case. People who are researching those cases will find your analysis.
  2. You can tag the blog post to a legal topic – 45,000 people follow these legal topics. If you publish about environmental law you’ll reach general counsel, professors, lawyers and law firms who care deeply about the issue.

For people who want to research the law itself, Casetext’s database contains millions of cases and statutes. It will shortly have every case published by the appeals and many circuit courts of all 50 states plus the federal courts -- plus statutes from all 50 states.

Combined with this basic legal information is the intelligence and commentary of tens of thousands of lawyers who are blogging on Casetext. The answer to a person’s legal question might be in a legal document, or it might be in the wisdom and shared commentary of a law firm that has niche expertise.

Clients jump right into your writing

As the author, you can link a blog post to a particular case or statue in blog post. People reading your post will see a list of cases they can click on. Readers can also can look you up and read everything you’ve written about a particular case or statute. That gives potential clients the ability to jump right into your writing.

You can visit and sign up for a free account and start blogging right away. If you are a lawyer, you can upload a brief you’ve written, which is public record anyway, and this will help potential clients discover you as a legal expert.

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