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Creating Your Ultimate Law Firm Growth System

By Michael DeLon, President, Paperback Expert

At the recent PILMMA Summit we revealed Ken Hardison’s new book, Systematic Marketing. In this book, Ken (the President of PILMMA) reveals the many systems he has implemented to grow his law practice and those of many others. All of his systems are aimed at one objective: Growth!

The 3 Stages of Business are Attract, Engage and Retain.

As I talk with lawyers across the country about growing their practices, our conversation normally gets around to the two fundamental concepts that we use to help our clients grow their firm: The 3 Stages of Business and The Ultimate Business Growth System.

I find it helpful to illustrate concepts using images. The 3 Stages of Business are Attract, Engage and Retain. These 3 Stages contain everything you will ever do to Gain and Retain a client.

But understanding the 3 Stages is not enough -- you need to put them into an overarching system so they’ll produce results -- it should be a system like this one:

The heart of the system is the “magnet” that you’ll use to promote your firm and attract new leads.

The heart of the system is the “magnet” that you’ll use to promote your firm and attract new leads. Your magnet can be any number of things, but I strongly believe that the best magnet is your own book. Ken is a master at offering a free book to gain someone’s contact information. Every lead he attracts through the free book offer goes into the same funnel. You want to do the same.

The Engage Stage

Once the leads enter your funnel, the Engage Stage takes over from the Attract Stage. Now you want to use both online methods (such as an automated email marketing system) and offline methods (such as physically mailing a Shock & Awe Package) to further engage the prospect, educate them, win their trust, position yourself as the expert in your field, and gain their business.

Be sure that you deliver a “WOW!” experience during the Engage Stage. When you market like other attorneys, prospects are mentally unable to differentiate you from those attorneys. But when you market like a professional, you stand out—you create a distinct impression and will be remembered.

Using this system, you will be able to increase your lead-to-client conversion percentage, and do so with less effort. This system works 24/7 and delivers a consistent experience to your future clients. And the best part is, you can create it using your preexisting marketing arsenal. Sure, you can add to it—but don’t wait until you have everything perfect. Get started with what you have.

Remember what George S. Patton said:

“A good plan violently executed right now
is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

The Retain Stage

Now your system has converted a lead to a client, but let’s not stop there. This is where wealth is created: the Retain Stage.

In the Retain Stage you want to retain your client’s business for life and gain referrals. Ken discusses both in his book. If you ask Ken, he will tell you that a referral client is the second-best type of client (the first-best being a repeat client).

Cultivating customers for life (a term introduced by Carl Sewell in his book by that name) is a worthy ideal. It does take time and consistent investment, but it is well worth the effort. As you retain your clients, invite them to special dinners, throw parties for them, and feature them in your newsletter, you will find that they tell their friends about you.

Want to know how to expand your sphere of influence 5X in the next 12 months? Dote on your current clients; give them a reason to talk to their friends about you. Give your clients copies of your book to distribute. Encourage them to invite their friends to your events. You see, your clients rub shoulders with their friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, and church members every week. When you maintain top-of-mind awareness for your business, your clients are likely to refer you at some point in the future. Then your system starts working all over again!

Get a free copy

If you read Ken’s book (get a free copy at, isolate your own 3 Stages of Business, and implement systems in each of those Stages, then you will be well on the way to creating your own Ultimate Business Growth System. Tweak and adjust your personal system, but make sure it contains these fundamental elements.

Results come from systems. Regardless of the size of your firm, you can begin building this system (or a similar one) and grow it over time. That’s what Ken has done.

Understanding these two concepts will prove useful as you create your own Systematic Marketing. Start with your current marketing arsenal, stay consistent, and before you realize it you will be enjoying your work and your life more than ever before.

Michael DeLon
President, Paperback Expert

Michael DeLon is an author and the President of Paperback Expert. As an expert positioning firm they help clients create a book in 24 hours and employ marketing strategies to position themselves as the expert in their market to enjoy sustained business growth. You can request a free copy of Michael’s book On Marketing by visiting Contact Michael by email at or phone at (501) 539-0038.

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