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Webinar: How to Overcome the Challenges Facing Female Attorneys

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Chicago attorney Lyndsay A. Markley

Responding to popular demand, we have posted the slides presented by attorney Lyndsay Markley in her National Trial Lawyers webinar, How to Overcome the Challenges Facing Female Attorneys on Nov 18, 2014.

You can view and download the slides at:

We also recommend that you read her articles published on The National Trial Lawyers website:


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The statistics are unsettling

Approximately 34% of attorneys in private law firm practice are females and only 3% of these women are in a management partnership at the largest 200 law firms. And if women make it to the top, they’ll likely be subject to gender-based income discrepancy, with female shareholders at the largest 200 firms making 89% of what their male colleagues are earning, according to the American Bar Association.

The webinar covered:

  • Exactly why female attorneys face this situation.
  • What changes attorneys can take to fight this inequality -- practical measures and mindset changes to gain control, overcome these challenges and successfully move up the career ladder.
  • Advice for attorneys thinking of setting up their own law practice – the ultimate way to control your own destiny.

About Lyndsay Markley

Chicago-based attorney, Lyndsay Markley (Twitter @lyndsaymarkley), dedicates her legal practice to fighting on behalf of persons who suffered injuries or death as the result of the wrongful or careless conduct of others. She set up her own law practice in February 2014 and previous to this, was an equity shareholder at another established Chicago law firm.

Examples of her current lawsuits include a case against United Airlines for the sexual abuse of minors during its mentoring program in Chicago in the 1990s and against the Archdiocese of Chicago on behalf of a young victim of sexual abuse.

She is a member of The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 Trial Attorneys for 2012-2014.


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