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Get New Clients with Messaging, Production Values, and Testimonials

You will discover 3 things are essential to the success of your legal brand:

  1. Quality messaging
  2. High production value
  3. Testimonials

Facts show the enduring value attorneys place on law firm television advertising. Law firm TV advertising makes up a huge chunk of the more than $70 billion spent annually.

Where it  gets complicated for attorneys is the messaging component.But messaging is much more that what is being said, it’s also how it is said and how it is presented.

This is especially important considering our fragmented and over-saturated media landscape. These factors also play a big role when it comes to creating marketing messages that reach Millennials.

You will discover:

  • 3 ways to craft your marketing message.
  • Production values: video and commercial assets that pay off.
  • Examples of great testimonials.
  • Effective Calls to Action.
  • Understanding your real clientele.

Our faculty

Tammy Kehe

Tammy Kehe is Network Affiliates’ “ringleader,” responsible for the day-to-day management of the Legal Marketing Division. She has been integral in building Network Affiliates’ loyal client base and facilitating some of the best legal creative in broadcast advertising. Fueled by her long-time passion for marketing and advertising, Tammy says, “Our purpose is to create powerful marketing campaigns that reach the hearts and minds of the people our clients need to influence, every day.”

Tom Baldonado

Tom Baldonado is Network Affiliate’s Executive Producer, serving as the Director and Photographer for hundreds of legal commercials. Tom is bilingual in Spanish and understands the Latin culture, bringing a strong advantage to Network Affiliates’ Hispanic marketing.

With more than 39 years of television and radio production experience, Tom is an amazing talent who enjoys providing Network’s clients with the best creative and technology in the business.

Kate Stromberg

Kate Stromberg is Network Affiliates’ Marketing Director, responsible for the messaging and strategy behind all of their marketing initiatives. In addition to more than 9 years of experience in advertising and media, Kate also brings and a deep understanding of the Millennial perspective to every project and discussion she’s involved in.

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