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Get Ken Hardison's Webinar Slides: 3 Easy Ways To Get 30% More Clients

According to Ken Hardison, the most straightforward remedies don’t cost a dime – just a small tweak to internal processes, procedures and systems

Get Ken Hardison's slides from the latest marketing webinar presented by The National Trial Lawyers.

You will:

  • Learn how to efficiently get more leads with the same amount of your marketing dollars.
  • Learn three things you must do to convert more of your website visitors into paying clients.
  • How to create an ethical  follow up system to convert indecisive leads  (fence sitters) into signed cases.
  • How to  hold your staff accountable for closing new callers into signed cases.
  • How to implement the "Grandma Test " to assure more sign ups from leads.

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Ken Hardison, President of PILMMA, is regularly asked by other lawyers how they can get more cases for their law firms. He often finds that there are simple things that can be done to increase leads and conversions.

Often, the most straightforward remedies don’t cost a dime – just a small tweak to internal processes, procedures and systems. Ken will be one of the panelists for “The Business of Practicing Law/ Intake and Conversion” at the National Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami, FL, January 18th-21st 2015.

About Ken Hardison

Ken Hardison is a partner in the law firm Hardison & Cochran. He has practiced Injury and Disability Law for more than 32 years and built one of the largest personal injury law firms in North Carolina. He still actively participates in the marketing of the firm. In addition, Ken has a small Social Security Disability Firm (Carolina Disability Lawyers) in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Ken attributes his success to his persistence and willingness to try new things, primarily in marketing. Ken has had proven success with his firm and in 2009 decided to share his knowledge with other lawyers. This led to the creation of PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association).  PILMMA is the only legal marketing and management association exclusively for Injury and Disability Lawyers.

Ken is a native of Dunn, North Carolina. He graduated cum laude from Campbell University in 1979 and from Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law in 1982.

Ken is also the author of “How to Effectively Market Your Personal Injury Law Practice in the 21st Century” and numerous articles on marketing and managing injury and disability practices.  He frequently addresses other lawyers and professional organizations focusing on marketing and managing contingency-based law firms. Ken is an accomplished speaker, legal coach, copywriter and lecturer.

It has become Ken’s mission to teach Personal Injury and Disability lawyers how to market. To that end he has launched a new website Law Practice Advisor, where lawyers in consumer law firms can read the latest information on law firm management, marketing and technology.

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