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Keith Givens on the Trial Lawyers Summit and Lanier Trial Academy

Michelle Swanner, Executive Director of The National Trial Lawyers, interviews Keith Givens, Founding Shareholder of The Cochran Firm, P.C., about his experiences at the Trial Lawyers Summit and Lanier Trial Academy.

Q: Can you tell me about your experience at the Trial Lawyers Summit?

A: The Trial Lawyers Summit, and I have attended probably 10 or 12, is an opportunity, usually at the first part of the year, to jumpstart your brain and practice. But given COVID-19 circumstances, we are a little bit delayed this year, and given the unusually cold weather, everyone is super anxious to get started on both. The Trial Lawyers Summit is a networking opportunity on steroids, and it’s an opportunity to hear from the very best speakers and presenters in the country. I think we will have over 150 this year to present some of the changes and techniques that we are going to have to adapt to because of what we have experienced with all of the shutdowns in the justice system over the last 12 months. It’s really critical to experience both the safe interaction—because we will have proper distancing and masks provided by Esquire Bank—and all of the other necessary techniques to make sure our attendees are safe to restart our practices the right way again.

Q: Can you tell me about your experience at the Lanier Trial Academy?

A: The Lanier Trial Academy is a perfect 1-2 punch, with the first punch being the Summit in Miami and the second being a more detailed, ingraining experience with one of the best trial lawyers of our time. Mark Lanier will spend two full days sharing every secret he has, as well as some of his inner thoughts as to how to prepare for trials, the presentation of the trial itself, and what wins trials. Ultimately, he will take everyone through the jury selection, to the closing arguments, all the way through to receiving the verdict. Attendees will hear things that they will not be able to hear at any other conference, in any other manner. So, I would not miss that second punch that will help us get restarted, especially after COVID-19.

Q: Why should someone attend both the Trial Lawyers Summit and Lanier Trial Academy?

A: Well, for two reasons. The first, being the discounted opportunity we are now offering. Also, I think if you attend one, it should motivate you enough to want to be the kind of trial lawyer that wouldn’t want to miss the second one. The Lanier Trial Academy will get you into the weeds and below as it relates to being a successful trial lawyer and learning some of the most modern up-to-date techniques. So personally, I wouldn’t miss either one.

If you are interested in registering for both events using an exclusive 2021 Event Pass, NTL members can sign up here, and non-members can sign up here.

The 2021 Trial Lawyers Summit is sponsored by Counsel Financial, The Sentinel Group, and Digital Law Marketing. The Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 5.0 Big As Texas Partners are Consumer Attorney Marketing Group, Archer, and Trusted Legal Partners.

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