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Law Firm Blog Posts: Studies Show Daily Updates Bring New Clients

By Mike Mintz.

How many times a week should you post new content on your law firm blog?

Marketers will debate this question -- lawyers will avoid it -- but inconsistent or non-existent law firm blog posts mean you are missing a serious opportunity to get new clients.

Post Frequency Directly Affects New Client Acquisition

The 2013 State of Inbound Marketing by Hubspot reports that 79% of companies that blog regularly saw a positive ROI for their inbound marketing (new leads via online content), compared to just 20% of companies without a blog seeing a return from inbound.

79% of companies that blog regularly saw a new leads via their online content.

So how often should you post on your law firm blog? Every day.

Hubspot reports that 82% of the marketers who blogged on a daily basis acquired a customer through their blog. Only 57% of the marketers who blogged monthly saw similar results.

What is a Positive ROI for Inbound Law Firm Marketing?

Law firm marketing studies by LexisNexis reported that small law firms designate around $15,000 to $30,000 per year to online marketing, with a good chunk of funds devoted to inbound marketing. Showing a positive ROI from inbound marketing means spending 10% of your client lifetime value (“CLV”) on client acquisition costs (“CAC”).

For example, you are a trial lawyer that handles personal injury claims with each new client bringing in about $10,000 per case (CLV = $10K). Over time your marketing investments should produce 1 new client for every $1,000 spent (CAC = $1K).

According to HubSpot, inbound marketers relying on the value produced by blogging averaged a “costs per lead” or CAC that was 61% lower than marketers using other more traditional methods.

Blogging Produces a Positive Return on Investment

Lawyers have options when it comes to blogging. Some law firms implement a regular content schedule, with members of the firm writing a couple of posts per month. Other law firms find it more effective to outsource to a professional vendor that can guarantee authoritative blog posts by real attorneys licensed in the United States. The main things to remember about law firm blogging are:

  1. Consistent and regular blog posts produce new clients.
  2. Be clear about the ROI for your firm: CLV x 10% = CAC.
  3. You can produce a positive ROI by good blogging routines or using professional vendors.

There are plenty of great resources out there to guide you in getting started on the path to new clients through blogging. What have you found that works for your practice, and what are your key challenges to producing consistent content that converts?

ike Mintz of Princeton, NJ, is the Creative Director of LawLeadPro, which offers full service online marketing solutions for solo practitioners and small law firms at a great price. LawLeadPro measures marketing success in new clients and thought leadership earned for your law firm. He can be reached at  and 973-883-1064.

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