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he Sentinel Group® and Law Ruler™ have come together to create a best in breed, real-time technology link between live inbound calls and CRM intake for greater conversion of cases from leads to signed retainers. 

The Sentinel Group is the legal marketing division of the full-service, lead generation agency OpenJar Concepts® Inc.  

The Sentinel Group has generated several hundred thousand leads and cases over their eight-year timeline using a multi-channel, performance-driven media approach. The agency owns a proprietary system for tracking, reporting and lead aggregation amongst many other marketing and data based functions called TrafTrack®. This system helps to enable lead/intake flow to a client’s CRM, with Law Ruler as the conduit for managing intake.

Law Ruler Software, LLC, is an industry-leading legal case intake & CRM software provider that helps law firms nationwide with signing more cases through their TV, digital media, and other marketing efforts. 

8 Money-Making Benefits of this Live Call to CRM Software Integration include:

  • Cutting-edge, media optimization through actionable data in real time.
  • TrafTrack and Law Ruler working together, actively bridges live call leads with other lead sources under one roof, where the Agent is immediately provided with a caller/potential client record prior to the conversation. 
  • Prior to answering the call, the Agent is aware of the docket type that the caller is inquiring about.
  • Increases agent efficiency for a more satisfactory caller experience leading to more conversion in real time with text / email e-signature. 
  • Smoother intake by allowing the agent to pick up the conversation and find the caller in the system without needing to create records on the fly, thus reducing caller idle time. 
  • Eliminates duplicate entries by posting updates to the correct caller record
  • Increases caller confidence with agent/law firm with noticeable efficiency in the caller experience. 
    • This leads to direct increase of ROI on ad spend through improved conversion of packet out to retainer back. 
  • Once the caller details are in a given client Law Ruler portal, an intake specialist can leverage the comprehensive Law Ruler features such as text e-sign, marketing automation and reminders via text/email, call center, staff task management and CRM functions, as well as powerful reporting.

Adam Warren states, “Ultimately it came down to a dual prong execution to develop this marketing to case acquisition benefit from our end. Our CTO Joshua Guffey and our President, Co-Founder Reno Renaldo had to divide and conquer.  We built a data delivery system that would feed directly into the CRM via Law Ruler as the conduit in real time.  Reno negotiated with the carriers and call switches one by one to accelerate the delivery process. It was an arduous, but worthwhile project and one that can only be executed when each party in the delivery chain is working with proprietary applications that allow for unique updates and capabilities. We always pride ourselves as being as much a tech company as we are a full-service agency and we enjoyed working with such a high level, out of the box thinker as Law Ruler.”

Adam Warren is CEO and Co-Founder of The Sentinel Group ®, the legal marketing division and premium legal brand of full-service advertising firm OpenJar Concepts ®.  The Sentinel Group has become one of the most widely recognized and successful national media brands in lead generation for case acquisition. The core of The Sentinel Group merges the perfect balance between deep media and client relationships with in-house proprietary tracking capability, utilizing our system TrafTrack  ®, for unlimited reporting technologies. The team has over 40 years of combined mass media, performance-driven, lead generation experience, using vehicles such as TV, radio print and digital. The senior management team has successfully been involved in the advertising for nearly every Mass Tort campaign during the last decade plus, dating back to 2001. The Sentinel Group brings all of the pieces of the case acquisition puzzle together providing endless solutions, enabling a cost effective platform for driving quality calls and leads to our network of participating law firms. Simply, this is…. WHERE THE CASE BEGIN ™.

For further information: Contact Phone: 800.TSG.Tort (800.874.8678)

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Law Ruler Software, LLC, is a market-leading legal case intake and marketing automation solution provider.  Whether a firm is managing incoming referrals, leads from TV, billboards, or digital media, our solutions will drive better results and make your team even better.  Our approach is unique since we ensure that each and every client has a solution that meshes with their workflow and how they do business.  Law Ruler’s features include text e-sign, phone call tracking, marketing automation with text and email, task management, workflow automation, and powerful reporting to maximize your firm’s revenues.

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