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MD Lawmakers Approve $577M Settlement to Historically Black Colleges

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland lawmakers approved a $577 million funding bill that would grant money to the state's four Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) following a nearly 15-year lawsuit declaring unfair funding and discrimination to these institutions.

The Maryland House of Delegates approved the notion voting 120-14 on Wednesday. Next, the bill is making its way to Gov. Larry Hogan's desk for final approval.

Now, if the bill is signed, Bowie State, Coppin State, Morgan State, and University of Maryland Eastern Shore will all be granted funds from the $577 million for the next 10 years starting in 2023.

This will also end a 2006 lawsuit filed by the NAACP that accused Maryland of giving more money and unique academic programs to "traditionally white institutions." 

“There are so many of them that had benefited from stealing - and that’s the best way I can put it — stealing classes for the HBCUs and putting it on their campuses,” Dr. Marvin Cheatham, Sr. with the Maryland HBCUs Matters Coalition, said in 2018.

Read the source article at Washington, DC's Leading Local News

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