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$1.15M Settlement for Motorcyclist Who was Cut Off by Driver

California motorcyclist has recovered a $1.15 million settlement from a woman driver who collided with him when she drove into his path in Santa Barbara, CA, seriously injuring his neck and ankle. The motorcyclist hit the woman's car and was catapulted over the top on May 24, 2010.

The motorcyclist, a 55-year old construction worker, required an ankle surgery and a cervical fusion, after many months of other unsuccessful treatments for his neck pain. The surgeries were successful and the man had an excellent recovery.

The defense, by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, argued that the motorcyclist was speeding prior to the collision and they even obtained a video of him picking up and moving a storage building after his surgeries and within a week of the mediation.

Experts for the plaintiff rebutted the defense claims that the plaintiff was speeding. A life care planner determined that he would require future medical treatments. After a year of litigation, plaintiff attorney Steven Andrade of Andrade Law Offices in Santa Barbara, CA, was able to secure the settlement in March 2014. Andrade is a member of The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyers.

The case is No. No. 1396970 in Superior Court, County of Santa Barbara.

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