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NTL member Jonathan Pope gets $1.7M verdict for wreck victim

ational Trial Lawyers member Jonathan Pope has secured a $1,706,000 verdict for a Georgia woman injured when a driver struck her car after running a red light on Halloween in 2014. According to Pope, his client Donna Harry was injured when Marica Matasic ran a red light driving about 45 mph and crashed into the driver's side door of her vehicle. Harry suffered injury to her arm, hand, neck, and back. Despite surgery, Harry suffered a permanent injury to her dominant arm and hand resulting in pain, numbness and weakness in her wrist, hand, and fingers. Harry's past medical expenses were approximately $45,000 and she had future medical expenses of approximately $125,000 for neck surgery. Matasic claimed she was driving in an unfamiliar area, she was late, and she was distracted by her phone and ran a red-light traveling 45 mph. The accident happened on October 31, 2014. The verdict was handed down on May 10, 2018. The case was tried before Judge Pamela South in Gwinnett County state court.

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