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Webinar: Insider Tactics That Can Reduce or Eliminate ERISA Liens

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he 21st century trial attorney faces post settlement/award issues the likes of which could not have been foreseen even 20 years ago. Foremost among these post settlement issues is lien resolution. Today’s trial attorneys have clients who have their medical benefits provided by a wide variety of sources such as; Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage plans, ERISA, FEHBA, military or private health insurance plans.

ERISA liens are quickly becoming one of the biggest sources of frustration for personal injury attorneys. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, 29 U.S.C. 1001, et seq. governs most employee health plans. Many ERISA plans rely on preemption principles to assert that they are under no obligation to reduce their lien claims, and purport that they are entitled to their entire reimbursement claim regardless of the circumstances of the case. Clients may end up with very little out of their personal injury settlement, particularly if the third party has a limited policy.
Join ERISA expert, David Place, to get what you are owed! He will go over language that works when dealing with ERISA claims and show you how he was able to get more than $2 million in total savings in self-funded ERISA cases in 2014 alone.

Topics covered:

  • When ERISA is subject to state law.
  • How to Determine Funding Status
  • Get What You Are Owed from the Plan Administrator
  • Tracking Penalties
  • SPD v. MPD: Cigna v. Amara, 131 S. Ct. 1866 (U.S. 2011)
  • Language That Does Work, and What Doesn't
  • How to Attack the Language

bout Our Presenter

Dave Place is Vice President of Synergy Settlement Services, Director of Synergy Lien Resolution Services and Multi Claimant Solutions. He exclusively assists personal injury victims and plaintiff counsel with complex lien resolution problems using his vast knowledge of the other side’s techniques.

Prior to joining Synergy, Mr. Place spent 14 years representing large private group health insurance plans, self-funded ERISA groups, FEHBA plans, Medicare Advantage plans, state Medicaid plans, as well as stop-loss and disability plans in their subrogation/recovery programs. He asserted subrogation/reimbursement rights for those groups in all fifty states, personally recovering nearly one hundred million dollars for the insurance industry.

Education: Bachelor of Science - Longwood University. Juris Doctor: Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, at the University of Louisville

provides innovative lien identification and negotiation services to the legal community. We offer a comprehensive set of lien resolution services uniquely tailored to meet the needs of all parties. We have the expertise and experience to help navigate the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, Medicaid, ERISA/ Private Healthcare, and Military Liens as well as other healthcare subrogation issues. Through our superior services we are able to assist in protecting all parties’ interests yet aggressively negotiate the resolution of healthcare liens in personal injury settlements. We can eliminate the frustration of lien resolution for trial attorneys.

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