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Last Chance to take Survey: What Keeps You Up at Night?

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Running a trial practice is hard enough, and personal injury attorneys can feel unsettled about running their law practices.

Concerns like "My firm's case load is declining," or "I spend too much time working and don't get enough free time," or "Tort reform and damage caps are hurting my practice" sometimes preys on attorneys' minds.

Tell us what keeps you up at night in this one-minute survey sponsored by Law Tigers.

Take the survey.

Often the answer is for an attorney to find a new niche within a personal injury law practice. Tell us if you think satisfaction can be found in a mass torts, environmental, motorcycle accident, criminal/DUI or another niche.

The survey asks a few demographic questions so that we can sort the answers to get interesting results. Then stay tuned -- we'll publish the results right here on The National Trial Lawyers website.

Law Tigers is a professional association of motorcycle injury lawyers who help riders every day. The association consists of member law firms in various states with skilled personal injury lawyers whose mission is to support and promote the well being of motorcyclists. Dedicated to rider safety, awareness, and education, we are committed to the riding community. For more information please contact Jake Kulp at

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