Podcast: NTL member Rhon Jones talks opioid litigation

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ational Trial Lawyers member Rhon Jones has teamed up with Alabama's attorney general on opioid litigation, filing lawsuits against opioid manufacturers on behalf of state and local governments. In this edition of Ringler Radio from the Legal Talk Network, Jones talks to host Larry Cohen about the latest developments in opioid litigation, and why it's so important to end this escalating crisis. 

Jones' firm, Beasley Allen, has filed similar lawsuits on behalf of a number of Alabama municipalities and counties, including Montgomery County. The firm also is representing the State of Alabama in its opioid lawsuit against Purdue Pharmaceuticals.

“This crisis did not have to happen. Companies like Purdue have been more concerned about their economic bottom lines than the people who were prescribed their dangerously addictive drugs,” said Jones. "Their greed and disregard for human life have cost the taxpayers across the nation over $500 billion. Local communities, like the capital city (Montgomery), have been ground zero in this crisis, stretching every dollar to combat the ills of opioid addiction. These companies think they can walk away from the mess they created, so it is an honor to stand with those in our state’s capital and other local municipalities and counties in Alabama and around the country to help them hold the real culprits accountable.”

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