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We are Saddened by the Harsh Reality of Gun Violence in America

e at the Mass Tort Made Perfect Program and the National Trial Lawyers community have Las Vegas and all the victims and their families in our hearts and prayers.  We are saddened by the harsh reality that gun violence in America, sometimes mass gun violence, is almost as part of our national fabric as apple pie, baseball and all the personal freedoms we share.

While we as individuals and as a group have been quite vocal in social and political issues that we believe affect us and our clients, this simply is not one of those; this is a national catastrophe which will reverberate through our collective psyche for years.  While there are those who have become desensitized to the tragedies de jour, this group has never suffered from such inaction.

For today, and for every day at the Mass Tort Made Perfect program and the National Trial Lawyers Summit in February, we will focus more on acknowledging the pain caused to our brothers and sisters; in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and most recently in Las Vegas.  As well, we must not let our memories dull regarding the tragedies such as Sandy Hook, Pulse in Orlando, Charleston and innumerable others.  At both upcoming events, we will pause to remember not only those lost to yet another act of senseless violence or natural disaster, but to celebrate those very freedoms and liberties that weave us together.

In the two days since the shooting, we've already heard from over a dozen members who knew victims or their families.  This is a testament not only to how widespread these tragedies are, but also of our solid enmeshment within the communities that we serve.

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