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Self-financed firms are considering case cost financing post-pandemic

Having the flexibility to choose the case costs that should be financed potentially improves settlements and verdicts, thereby increasing revenue and cash flow. At Esquire Bank, we take relationship banking to a new level with a like-minded business perspective and game-changing technology that fuels your success. 

Law firms nationwide are financing their case costs and passing on the cost of financing to their clients, ultimately improving settlements and verdicts for their firm.

Having the financial flexibility to choose where to deploy funds for case investment is key for growth and expansion.

Self-financed law firms that decide to utilize case cost financing often elect to pass on the cost of financing to their clients. Before this strategy is implemented, law firms need to:

• Check their state’s ethics opinion pertaining to the treatment of case cost financing and passing on the cost of financing

If you would like to check the ethics opinion for your state, visit Esquire Bank.

• Change their retainer agreements to include wording that allows the law firm to pass on the cost of financing

If you would like to receive a sample retainer agreement and discuss the benefits of case cost financing with a senior relationship manager, contact us here.

Esquire Bank can help you have the flexibility to choose the case costs you wish to finance, improve your law firm’s liquidity, utilize your firm’s case inventory as collateral, and have the option/ability to pass on the cost of financing to your clients.

I look forward to working with you.


Ari Kornhaber, Esq.

Founder, Executive Vice President

& Head of Corporate Development

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