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Tenant Receives $2.3M for Brain Injury in CA Premises Liability Case


A California tenant received a $2.3 million settlement from Realty World Selzer Property Management after suffering a traumatic brain injury due to its negligence. Plaintiff Weisshar's attorney, Eric M. Abramson, sued under the theory of negligent professional property management.

Weisshar alleged that his rental house was negligently managed by Realty World Selzer Property Management, resulting in the creation of an unreasonably dangerous condition. During the winter cold, ice formed on a walking surface due to the water from automatic sprinklers, creating a dangerously unsafe condition that resulted in Weisshar's traumatic brain injury.

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Management companies, such as Realty World, are required under California law to provide the quiet enjoyment of safe and habitable properties to their tenants. Properties in California must meet local building codes and must not pose safety hazards. Management companies are generally not liable unless a tenant receives a financial or physical injury as a result of negligence.

Premises liability cases against management companies, such as Weisshar's, are typically more complex than ordinary lawsuits against landlords. Courts find documentation of injuries, such as medical bills, particularly important to demonstrate the financial harm incurred.

Eric M. Abramson is a member of the National Trial Lawyers, and has been representing individuals and families in personal injury and wrongful death matters arising from negligent conduct as a partner at Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP, since 1987. Abramson has extensive trial experience and one of the highest reputations in the legal community for honesty and integrity as a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA).

Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Henderson presided over the settlement agreement, a verdict for which was rendered March 18, 2015.

Attorney for Realty World Selzer Property Management was Timonthy J. Nisson of Nisson, Pincin & Hill, of Redding, CA.

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