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Texas Lawyer's Barratry Case Dropped

Attorney Keith Gould of Corpus Christi, TX

After years of arguing pretrial motions, the District Attorney of Bexar, County, Texas, dismissed the three count indictment against Corpus Christi attorney Keith Gould.

San Antonio attorney and National Trial Lawyers member Demetrio Duarte, Jr. appeared in the 186th Judicial District Court on Monday, May 2, 2016 prepared for trial and was met with a motion to dismiss that stated "The State is unable to prove all the elements of the offense of Barratry beyond a reasonable doubt."

Attorney Demetrio Duarte, Jr., of San Antonio, TX

When asked for comment on the order, Duarte stated  "I know Keith Gould to be a good and honest man.  He is a good  and ethical lawyer who has had a dark cloud following him since he was arrested over two years ago.  Today, there is not a cloud in the sky.  Keith and his family are going to appreciate, enjoy and savor life after learning  a real life lesson.  Even good people can find themselves accused wrongfully.   Having personally faced the lion in its own den, Keith will continue helping his clients zealously as he always has.

Prosecutors cited insufficient evidence to prosecute Keith Gould, 54, who had been indicted in 2014 on three counts of barratry.

Barratry, or illegally soliciting clients, is commonly known as ambulance chasing.

"The state is unable to prove all the elements of the offense of barratry beyond a reasonable doubt," prosecutors wrote in the dismissal form filed in 186 District Judge Jefferson Moore's court.

The case stemmed from circumstances surrounding a 2011 lawsuit filed by a former employee who claimed the Gould Law Firm in Corpus Christi and the Andrews and Gould Law Firm in San Antonio paid employees to solicit cases.

Gould was not immediately available for comment Monday. In 2011, Gould said the lawsuit was the result of a disgruntled employee who was fired for misconduct and insubordination.

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