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Texas Oil Worker Hit by 18-Wheeler Recovers $40M

Adam Blake, Donald Kidd and Jim Perdue of Perdue & Kidd of Houston, TX.

A Texas jury in DeWitt County rendered a verdict in favor of Lloyd Kulik, 37, a Yorktown resident, in a civil lawsuit brought against Stallion Production Services.

Kulik is a lifelong oil services worker. The jury awarded Kulik $40,145,909.07 in damages after the oilfield company’s 18-wheeler took a left turn into his passing truck, crashing into his Dodge pickup, and causing a five rollover wreck that left life-altering injuries.

Kulik suffered a burst fracture to his cervical spine that left him a quadriplegic who is cared for by his mother. This record-breaking verdict is the largest in DeWitt County history.

He was represented by Don Kidd, Jim Perdue, Jr. and Adam Blake of the law firm Perdue & Kidd from Houston and Ray Reese, Errol John Dietze and Johnny Dietze of the Dietze & Reese law firm of Cuero. Kidd said “We have been honored to have the opportunity to represent Kulik. We believe justice has been served and we look forward to seeing this judgment help  Kulik finally get much needed medical care and assistance for his injuries caused by this reckless 18- wheeler. This brave jury told these oil field companies they do not own the roadways of Texas.”

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