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The Marketing Lesson that Dale, Stephen, and Mr. Hill Discovered

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Dale Carnegie published How to Win Friends and Influence People and it changed his life.

Dale was different.

He had brains, talent, and a way with words. What he didn’t have was a way to tell his story in a powerful way. Sure, he could do what others were doing, but Dale was different. He chose another path.

Stephen, too, was savvy. Throughout his career, he studied human behavior and codified a process that was simple to comprehend, yet left his listeners wanting more. Stephen viewed the landscape to see how “they” did it and decided to choose another path.

And dear Mr. Hill; the grandfather of them all knew from the time he set out to interview the world’s wealthiest men knew precisely how he would reveal their secrets so others could learn from them.

Dale, Steven, and Mr. Hill all had something to say. They could have taken the road most traveled and joined the speaker circuit drumming up support for their way of doing things in hopes of generating income.

But they knew there was a better way.

That’s why they each chose to encapsulate their message in a book.

  • Dale Carnegie published How to Win Friends and Influence People and it changed his life.
  • Stephen Covey published The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and became a household word overnight.
  • Napoleon Hill published Think and Grow Rich and changed the way the world thinks.

An enduring platform

These men are legends and icons primarily because they published their thoughts in a book. Only through a book were they able to effectively communicate their message, ensure that it stayed around for years (do you own a copy of these books?), and position themselves as THE expert that others look to.

No other media creates such an enduring platform for your future like publishing your own book. You can speak all you want, write blogs and articles for websites, even record TV and radio commercials. Those are all good, but they pale in comparison to the status and credibility of being an author.

When you want to differentiate yourself, make certain your message stays around a long time, and earn more money than your competitors, you need to do things differently than the others. You need to publish your book.

Are you still wondering if this will work?

Just ask Dale, Stephen, or Mr. Hill.  Before they were published authors no one knew who they were. Today they are household names. THAT is great marketing.

How to Create Your Book

It’s pretty simple to put your name on a book these days, much easier than when Dale, Stephen, and Mr. Hill published their book).

You can publish one yourself (if you have the time). You can license one that someone else has written (a viable alternative). But nothing compares to having your own book that tells your story in your words.

When you are an author, you become an authority in the mind of others. You differentiate yourself from others who are saying the same message. You begin taking calls from prospects who are seeking you out.

Most people think authors earn money by selling their book. That is not the case for them… or for you.

You will earn more money by giving your book away. Give a signed copy of your book to every lead you receive. Every client. Every person you meet. Your book should become your ultimate business card.

Follow in their Footsteps

You get to choose your path. Will you follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing so you end up looking just like them?

Or, will you choose a different path and set yourself apart as an expert, authority, and thought leader in your market?

Dale, Stephen, and Mr. Hill were pretty smart guys. They had something to say and found a powerful way to say it. And because of their choice, they became very wealthy by choosing a road less traveled.

Will you make your own way or follow in their footsteps?

Michael DeLon is an author, marketing coach, and President of Paperback Expert. He can help you create your own book, become The Recognized Legal Authority in your market, and use your book to convert more callers to clients and generate profits.

How to reach Michael: and (501) 539-0038.

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