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This Childhood Activity Transformed How I Do Marketing

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/a>When I was a little kid, I loved completing dot-to-dot pictures. For some reason these simple little projects captured my attention. Whether I was in the car on the road to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, or just sitting at the kitchen table with my mom, I enjoyed connecting the dots until the full picture emerged. Then I’d color it (trying my best to stay inside the lines) and move on to the next picture.

I recently went on a marketing retreat with the team here at Paperback Expert in order to plan our future direction. On the way home, I realized how the childhood activity of dot-to-dots relates to how we operate our business. And with Thanksgiving happening this month, I felt it appropriate to give you an opportunity to relive some of your childhoodand give thanks for how you can apply it to your business.

A dot-to-dot is a series of numbers that, when connected properly, creates something that was not there before. You can’t skip a number, or go in a different order. There is method and sequence that must be followed if the picture we desire to see is to become reality.

The same holds true in our marketing.

I use the letters in “dot” as an acronym for “Do One Thing”.

Coming back from our marketing retreat, we had a list of “to do” items that seemed overwhelming. All were good. All were important. All could be profitable. But there was no way we could do all of them at once.

So instead, we went back to my childhood and began the dot-to-dot process.

By considering the big picture that we want to create, and having all of the “numbers” (to do list and projects) in front of us, we laid them out in a pattern and a sequence that would help us create the picture we want to see happen.

Once we had each “number” in the proper order we were able to step back and visualize the image that will appear in the future.

The next step is to begin.

Do One Thing until it is done. Then, connect that “dot” to the next as we Do One Thing until it is done. As we continue to Do One Thing we are beginning to see our picture take shape. And when that happens, we get motivated. Progress happens faster and we stay focused.

We know that we can’t skip a dot. That would ruin our picture. Slow and steady wins the race.

So what can you do with this? How can you use dot-to-dot marketing in your business?

Here are the steps:

  1. Visualize your future with a vivid mental image.
  2. List the steps between your state today and your ideal future.
  3. Prioritize and number the steps.
  4. Start with Step #1 and work on it until completion.
  5. Then connect Step #1 with Step #2 and work on it until completion.
  6. Monitor your progress and be sure not to skip any numbers.
  7. Take time to step back and see your picture taking shape.
  8. Stay focused and follow through to the end.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to create the business of your dreams. It begins with the picture you have in your mind, and ends when you complete your dot-to-dot marketing plan.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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