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Tourist Who Fell Onto NYC Train Tracks Receives a $20M Settlement

Visaya Hoffie, a 23-year-old tourist visiting New York City, has reached a settlement following a tragic incident at the 14th St. PATH Train Station in January 2020. Ms. Hoffie fell onto the train tracks, resulting in life-altering injuries, including a below-the-knee amputation of one leg and a partial amputation of her opposite foot.

The train accident lawsuit, filed on behalf of Ms. Hoffie, alleged that both train operators involved in the incident failed to recognize her presence on the tracks, leading to the severe injuries she sustained. The first operator failed to notice Ms. Hoffie on the tracks, and the second operator, although aware of her presence, did not react in time to prevent the tragic outcome. Ms. Hoffie was on the tracks for approximately 7 minutes before the first operator struck her and an additional 16 minutes before the second train hit her. The lawsuit also alleged that Summit Security, the security company responsible for monitoring the tracks through video surveillance, failed to promptly inform the train operators of the perilous situation.

The defense contended that Ms. Hoffie fell onto the tracks as a result of intoxication, asserting that she was the sole cause of the accident and her injuries. They also claimed that the plaintiff was not visible as she was wearing black clothing.


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