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Trey Songz Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Demand for $5M

Trey Songz has been keeping a low profile in recent years, but his name remains in the headlines. The "Neighbors Know My Name" singer has been named by multiple women in allegations of sexual misconduct. Songz denies such, but the allegations continue to mount. While other accusations have surfaced verbally or on Twitter and via other social media platforms, a new accuser has come forth with video evidence that many consider being damaging. 

TMZ obtained video footage that shows the singer approaching the woman at a party in Aug. 2013. In the video, Songz, real name Tremaine Neverson, yanks down the woman's bathing suit top and exposes her breast while chanting "Titties in the open." In the suit, the woman Megan Johnson and her attorneys Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck are demanding a $5 million settlement to keep the matter out of court. Johnson isn't the only person who is represented by the team. Former college basketball player Dylan Gonzalez, Jauhara Jeffries, and a Jane Doe all of whom have all made separate sexual assault claims against Songz, are also represented by the legal team.

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