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Will Jeff Bezos sue the pants off the National Enquirer?

Jeff BezosAfter Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that the National Enquirer threatened to extort him over rather personal selfies that he allegedly sent to his mistress, some are wondering whether he'll sue American Media Inc., the company that owns it, as well as what his chances of success would be if he did. Delaware Law School professor John Culhane argues in a Politico article that Bezos has a good chance of winning a lawsuit over invasion of privacy, having the financial resources available to "bury them in litigation." Culhane says Bezos "has already done a public service by revealing AMI's threat." Read Culhane's analysis at Politico.

Meanwhile, what effect will Bezos' fight with AMI have on the freedom of the press? That's a question that former Obama White House counsel Bob Bauer asks in an article at The Atlantic. Bauer says AMI Chairman David Pecker may be testing the limits of the legal liability protections afforded to the media. Also at The Atlantic, Quinta Jurecic says what Bezos does could prove to be a turning point for victims of "sextortion," benefiting those who are more vulnerable.

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