NTL Board Member Mark O’Mara Says George Zimmerman Will Get His Gun Back, Needs it ‘Even More’ Than Before

Huffington Post; July 15, 2013 George Zimmerman will get his gun back following his acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin — and his attorney believes he needs it “even more” than before. “‘Yes. [There’s] even more reason now, … Continue reading

Study: Some Acid Reflex Drugs Associated with Increased Cardiac Risks

NewsInferno; July 15, 2013 Some popular acid reflux drugs such as Prilosec (omeprazole), Nexium (esomeprazole magnesium), and Prevacid (lansoprazole), may increase risks for heart disease and heart attack, according to an emerging report by the American Heart Association. The report … Continue reading

Arsenal of Legal Firepower Masses Around Tourre Trial

New York Times; July 15, 2013 When Wall Street lawyers gathered at a conference in Orlando, Fla., during the 2008 financial crisis, one law firm posted an outsize picture of Sean Coffey’s head on the body of a wrestler, labeling … Continue reading

Legal Immigrants Seek Reward for Years of Following the Rules

New York Times; July 15, 2013 Angeles P. Barberena has always tried to follow the United States’ immigration laws. She dutifully filed her petition to become a resident, complied with the requirements and paid her taxes and fees. That was … Continue reading

Zimmerman Verdict Protesters Attack TV Reporter, Storm Walmart

Los Angeles Times; July 16, 2013 A peaceful protest of the George Zimmerman verdict in Los Angeles turned violent Monday after youths broke away from the main demonstration in Leimert Park, stomped on cars, broke windows, set fires and attacked … Continue reading

Apple Sued for Allowing Tennessee Man to View Porn

PCMag.com; July 15, 2013 A Tennessee man has requested that Apple add a “safe mode” to its Internet-connected products that will prevent users from easily accessing pornography. According to Chris Sevier, who filed suit against Apple in a Tennessee district … Continue reading

Study: Disposal of Fracking Wastewater Associated with Earthquakes

NewsInferno; July 12, 2013 Researchers have found that the disposing of fracking wastewater might be associated with an increase in earthquakes. Fracking drilling for natural gas involves horizontally injecting tons of silica sand, a massive mix of more than 600 … Continue reading

U.S. Legal Industry Experiencing Record Year for Mergers

San Antonio Business Journal; July 8, 2013 The landscape of the legal industry is seeing some pronounced changes, according to a recent analysis by Newton Square, Pa.-based Altman Weil Inc. During the second quarter of 2013, 18 law-firm mergers and/or … Continue reading

Legal Tab Sinking Fight over Historic Presidential Yacht

USA Today; July 15, 2013 WILMINGTON, Del. — A legal battle – involving charges of lies, “devious” plots by “foreigners” and extortion – over ownership of a famous luxury yacht that played host to history and a dozen U.S. presidents … Continue reading

NTL President-Elect Mark Geragos and Top 100 Member Mark O’Mara on the Zimmerman Trial (video)

You can follow the CNN commentary of the Zimmerman trial from The NTL’s President-Elect Mark Geragos and Top 100 Member Mark O’Mara. CNN Anderson Cooper – with Mark Geragos  CNN Anderson Cooper- with Mark O’ Mara