Fracking Lawsuits Filed by Those For and Against It; March 24, 2013 Albany, NY: Fracking lawsuits are being filed by people in favor of the activity and those who are against it. Those who are in favor of fracking say towns do not have the right to restrict … Continue reading

H&R Block Return Filing Leads to Lawsuits

NewsInferno; March 21, 2013 Lawsuits are being filed against tax giant, H&R Block Inc., over payment delays involving hundreds of thousands of incorrectly filed tax returns. Delays can be as long as six weeks. In one case, a lawsuit alleges … Continue reading

Advance Legal Columnist: Look at All the Facts behind Outlandish Jury Awards; March 12, 2013 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Many Americans believe that their legal system is routinely exploited by money-hungry plaintiffs with cockamamie theories of civil liability. Frequently cited as the ultimate example of legal lunacy is the monetary award … Continue reading

Liberal Democrats Demand Obama Release Legal Basis for Drones

Politix; March 12, 2013 Eight of the most liberal Democrats in Congress have signed a letter asking Obama to reveal the legal basis for his use of drones in America and abroad. The Democrats’ move is clearly a follow-up to … Continue reading

Pharmacy Involved in Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Used Fake Prescriptions to Distribute Drugs

NewsInferno; March 11, 2013 A salesman from the firm that produced the tainted drugs linked with last year’s deadly fungal meningitis outbreak revealed that the lab made up prescriptions for fake customers in order to evade federal restrictions on drug … Continue reading

Stevens Johnson Syndrome: Zithromax Maker Warned About Zmax; March 11, 2013 New York, NY: Drug companies often face criticism that they downplay the risk of side effects, especially the risk of serious side effects such as Stevens Johnson Syndrome. In some cases, the US Food and Drug … Continue reading

California Labor Law: Is FedEx Heartless?; March 11, 2013 Placentia, CA: Sylvia says that she was terminated from FedEx for entering her time card incorrectly. Sylvia’s employer likely has not violated the California labor law and she would be hard-pressed to file a California labor … Continue reading

How the Sequester Threatens the U.S. Legal System

The Atlantic; March 11, 2013 When the chief justice of the United States and the chief judges of each of the federal circuits gavel down the semi-annual meeting of the Judicial Conference of the United States on Tuesday, they will … Continue reading

A Legal Guide to the Soda Ban Ruling

Wall St. Journal; March 11, 2013 Here’s a legal guide to Monday’s ruling by a state judge invalidating New York City’s sugary soda ban. Q: What was the Bloomberg administration trying to ban? A: The sale of sugary drinks from … Continue reading

Senators Agree on Path to Legal Status for Illegal Immigrants

Los Angeles Times; March 11, 2013 WASHINGTON — Eight senators who have spent weeks trying to write a bipartisan bill to overhaul immigration laws have privately agreed on the most contentious part of the draft — how to offer legal … Continue reading