Australian Study Links Fetal Malformation to Topamax; April 8, 2013 Melbourne, Australia: A new study conducted by researchers in Australia suggests that Topamax side effects could include a risk of Topamax birth defects. The study, which included both valproate and topiramate side effects, examined the link … Continue reading

Mass Tort Likely over Mirena IUD Injuries

NewsInferno; April 8, 2013 In response to scores of lawsuits brought over Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s Mirena® intrauterine device (IUD), a mass tort is likely over allegations the device migrates after insertion, embedding in the uterus or puncturing organs. The … Continue reading

Asphalt Sealant May Increase Cancer Risks

NewsInferno; April 5, 2013 A common asphalt sealant has been linked to increased cancer risks, especially in children, according to a just-released study. Specifically, asphalt sealed with coal tar, a by-product of steel manufacturing, may be dangerous, said HealthDay News. … Continue reading

Exxon Pipeline Bursts, Empties Arkansas Neighborhood

NewsInferno; April 5, 2013 A broken pipeline spewed some 3,500 – 5,000 barrels of heavy crude oil into a Mayflower, Arkansas, neighborhood, leading to the evacuation of at least two-dozen homes. ExxonMobil is looking into the cause of its Pegasus … Continue reading

Mounting Propecia Lawsuits Allege Long-Term, Permanent Side Effects

NewsInferno; April 5, 2013 Lawsuits are mounting against Merck & Company over its hair loss drug, Propecia. Allegations include long-term, sometimes permanent, sexual side effects. Approved in 1997 to treat male pattern baldness, Propecia (finasteride 1 mg) is part of … Continue reading

Why the Supreme Court Is Likely to Rule for Gay Marriage

Time; March 25, 2013 The Supreme Court hears arguments in two historic cases about whether same-sex couples have the right to marry. It is always difficult to predict Supreme Court rulings, but there is good reason to expect some kind of … Continue reading

Suit Offers a Peek at the Practice of Inflating a Legal Bill

New York Times; March 25, 2013 They were lawyers at the world’s largest law firm, trading casual e-mails about a client’s case. One made a sarcastic joke about how the bill was running way over budget. Another described a colleague’s … Continue reading

Is Law School Worth the Cost?

ChicagoNow; March 25, 2013 By Michael Helfand I was fortunate enough not to have to pay for all of law school, but even with that I ended up with around $20,000 in student loans which was one year’s worth of … Continue reading

Antitrust Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Sanctioned in Merger Case

Thomson Reuters; March 25, 2013 (Reuters) – Joseph Alioto, a prominent plaintiffs’ antitrust attorney in San Francisco, has been ordered to pay attorneys’ fees for defendants in a merger case, a rare reprimand that has fueled a debate over the … Continue reading

Justices Signal Uncertainty on Drug Settlements

Thomson Reuters; March 25, 2013 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Supreme Court justices on Monday signaled uncertainty over how they would rule on whether brand-name drug companies can settle patent litigation with generic rivals by making deals to keep cheaper products … Continue reading