New York Considers a Bill That Would Create a Lockbox for Opioid Settlements Expected to Reach $26 Billion

A bill that would require New York state to create a lockbox for funds from future opioid drug manufacturer settlements is now at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk. The measure, which has bipartisan support and the backing of state Attorney General … Continue reading

A $142 Million University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Lawsuit Is Close to Settling

A settlement appears imminent in a $142 million lawsuit involving UPMC Altoona. The lawsuit, filed by UPMC in September 2016, accuses a Cleveland-based financial company of mismanaging and under-reporting the pension debt of the former Altoona Regional Health System prior … Continue reading

PG&E Agrees to Settle Environmental Damage Claims for $5.9 Million

 California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has agreed on a $5.9 million-settlement for once-through cooling water discharges from its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The settlement, reached with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, was the result … Continue reading

Gulf Power Agrees to a $13.2 Million Settlement Over Pandemic Costs

Gulf Power and consumer attorneys have reached a proposed $13.2 million settlement about costs for the utility related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gulf and the state Office of Public Counsel, which represents consumers in utility issues, are asking the Florida … Continue reading

A $1 Million Settlement Has Been Reached for Dairy Workers in an Overtime Lawsuit

Yakima County Superior Court has approved a $1 million settlement that provides retroactive overtime pay for workers at a Lower Yakima Valley dairy. The settlement wraps up a class-action lawsuit filed in 2016 by Jose Martinez-Cuevas and Patricia Aguilar on … Continue reading

Self-financed plaintiff law firms nationwide are considering case cost financing to compete in a post-pandemic world

Having the flexibility to choose the case costs that should be financed potentially improves settlements and verdicts, thereby increasing revenue and cash flow. At Esquire Bank, we take relationship banking to a new level with a like-minded business perspective and game-changing … Continue reading

Civil Rights and Why You Might Require an Attorney

Civil rights is defined as “The United States of America’s court-mandated protection from forms of unequal treatment based on race, gender, religion, sex and more.” The major foundation of our country lies within the freedom to choose without influence from … Continue reading

MGM Could Pay Up to $800 Million to Settle Liability Lawsuits Over a 2017 Mass Shooting

Casino giant MGM Resorts told federal regulators Thursday it might pay up to $800 million to settle liability lawsuits stemming from the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas – the deadliest in modern U.S. history. “The company believes it is … Continue reading

Minneapolis Could Pay Out Over $34 Million in Settling City Employee Claims

The city of Minneapolis could pay some $34 million or more in workers’ compensation claims filed by city employees since the murder of George Floyd by former police officer Derek Chauvin.  The Minneapolis City Council has approved 16 workers’ comp … Continue reading

New York City Will Pay $11 Million to a Man Who Was Wrongfully Imprisoned for 19 Years

A Bronx man will receive $11 million after a wrongful conviction put him behind bars for 19 years, a New York City Law Department spokesman announced Thursday. New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives used coercive techniques that caused Huwe Burton … Continue reading