Family sues man they say left their daughter to die on highway

motorcycleThe family of a woman found dead on I-95 in Florida last week is suing the man who claims she fell to her death off the back of his motorcycle on their first date. The Florida Highway Patrol says it is still investigating the death of 33-year-old Jennifer St. Clair of Fort Lauderdale. According to The Daily Beast, St. Clair’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Broward County accusing 34-year-old Miles McChesney of being impaired by alcohol when he was operating the motorcycle that St. Clair is believed to have fallen from. McChesney allegedly told investigators he would only talk to them if he’s guaranteed full immunity. St. Clair’s body is said to have been almost unrecognizable after being struck by several cars on the interstate.

Florida lawyer under investigation for treatment of mentally disabled exonerees

A Florida lawyer is being investigated by the North Carolina State Bar for his treatment of two mentally disabled clients who received $750,000 each after being exonerated in 2015 on rape and murder charges. The Marshall Project reports that Patrick Megaro kept one-third of the awards to Henry McCollum and his half-brother Leon Brown, despite having done “virtually no work” on their cases. Megaro also approved high-interest loans for McCollum and Brown, as well as a $20,000 payment to two women who brought the case to Megaro. Seven months after McCollum received his payment, he was broke. McCollum’s court-appointed guardian has removed Megaro from the case, but he’s still representing Brown. The president of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice has also asked the bar to investigate Megaro.