SEO vs. PPC: Which one’s better?

SEO GoogleDeciding between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing for law firms is often seen as an either/or decision. Which one is more cost effective? Legal marketing expert Jason Bland writes in Forbes that both offer “significant benefits.” Each method has pros and cons to consider, however. Find out what the pros and cons are in this article at

Reflecting on access to justice

Like so many others, the legal profession faces an uncertain future with regards to how technology can make it easier for more Americans to get the help they need. A recent seminar at Stanford University examined how lawyers may need to revamp the current paradigm to find ways to provide more and better access to justice, especially to those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer in the traditional way. Mary Juetten assesses the problem in this story at Forbes.

In the digital age, it’s time to evolve 1st Amendment thinking

A reconsideration of the values of the First Amendment is required now that a few companies dominate the Internet, according to the Columbia Journalism Review. How the First Amendment must evolve to keep up with the intervention of the Internet was the subject of a May 1 symposium held at Columbia University called Disrupted: Speech and Democracy in the Digital Age. Read more at the Columbia Journalism Review.