NTL member Michelle Simpson Tuegel Representing Former Olympic and USA National Team Gymnasts Respond to Walker County Indictments Related to Sexual Abuse at Karolyi Ranch

Michelle TuegelAttorneys Mo Aziz of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz and National Trial Lawyers member Michelle Simpson Tuegel, who jointly represent a number of former Olympic and USA National Team Gymnasts who attended and were abused at Karolyi ranch from approximately 2000 to 2015 respond to the indictments and statement from Walker County Officials:

Attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel said, “The Walker County DA said they have no corroborated evidence that the Karolyis did anything wrong, yet they indicted Debbie Van Horn for felony sexual assault of a child. Walker County agreed, USAG totally failed to protect children and athletes and Steve Penny did not cooperate. They claim that Karolyi Ranch and USA Gymnastics were completely separate. Yet, at one point during the period of abuse, Karoyi Ranch was branded the official ‘USA Gymnastics Olympic Training Center.’ Some of our clients were abused during that time period, and to those little girls who had the nightmare of a their doctor coming into their rooms to abuse them under the guise of treatment, with Van Horn sometimes present, the Karolyis, Nassar, Vanhorn, USAG—it was all one in the same, adults who failed to protect them, hurt them, and turned a blind eye towards their pain and suffering. Bottom line, Walker County appears to have no intention of holding all of the adults who failed, such as the Karolyis, accountable, that’s why we recently asked the Texas AG to get involved. At this point, it is up to the Federal Department of Justice to hold the ALL of the adults who failed these children and covered up the abuse accountable. It is clear Texas will not.”
Attorney Mo Aziz also added, “The fact that Walker County needed the Governor to push them into investigating the alleged wrongdoing of these other adults is concerning. This also points to the need to change the statute of limitations for reporting sex abuse in Texas as Michigan has done.”

NTL member Michelle Simpson Tuegel helped reach $500M settlement with Michigan State

Michelle TuegelAttorneys Mo Aziz of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz and National Trial Lawyers member Michelle Simpson Tuegel of Hunt & Tuegel in Waco, Texas announced they are among the group of attorneys representing survivors of former Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar in lawsuits against Michigan State University which resulted in a global settlement in principle totaling $500 million dollars.

The settlement applies to only Michigan State University and MSU individuals sued in the litigation. It does not address claims against USA gymnastics, the United States Olympic Committee, Bela and Martha Karolyi, Twistars, John Geddert, or any other parties.

Attorney Mo Aziz said, “This historic settlement came about through the courage of over 300 hundred young women who stood up and spoke out, including our clients. We are honored to represent them.” Attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel said, “We are hopeful that the legacy of this settlement will be something that not only brings healing to our clients, but also changes the culture in such a way that little girls and young women will not have to face the threat of sexual assault in sports and in our schools. The safety of our female athletes in this country should be a priority over their performance.”